Concrete Floor Coating

Pennetek Certified Dealer

Mike’s Quality Painting is proud to be the only Pennetek Certified dealer in the Albuquerque and Rio Rancho areas, meaning we’re your premier source for high-quality, cutting edge Penntek Industrial Floor Coatings! In just one day, we can transform the look of any exterior or interior floor and protect the concrete with a durable sealant solution. Additionally, our floor coatings are 4x stronger than epoxy, won’t chip or peel, and can be installed in a home or business! From garages and patios to warehouses and workshops, protect high-traffic foot areas with long-lasting floor coatings from Mike’s Quality Painting!

Strength, Stability, Style

Our floor coating solution is made from polyurea, making it both strong and flexible to protect your concrete for years to come. A three-layer design – basecoat, chips color of your choice, and a topcoat – ensures your floors are protected and can withstand chemical spills, heavy weight, impact, heat, and more. We offer them in 12 different colors and styles to match existing decor or to create a new look! Pennetek Floor Coatings are designed to be strong and stylish, to offer all the benefits you need with a look you’ll love!

You deserve a team that will take the extra care needed to ensure your next job is picture perfect. Request your quote from the friendly team at Mike’s Quality Painting today!

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