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Radiant Stucco Repairs

Stucco buildings are a New Mexican staple, but the unpredictable weather can make for unpredictable outcomes to your home or business’s exterior. Whether the stucco on your building has cracked from the bitter cold or chipped from the scorching sun, Mike’s Quality Painting is dedicated to repairing your Rio Rancho home or business quickly and efficiently! We’ve mastered the necessary techniques to repair damaged stucco so that it seamlessly blends in with previous work. Additionally, we’ll match the existing color of your stucco and coat it with a protective layer to ensure your home or business can withstand the elements and you avoid future costs of repair.

Stucco Painting:
Elastomeric Coating vs. Acrylic Paint

Stunning Stucco Painting

With the New Mexico sun and heat, odds are that at some point in time, your stucco building will need an upgrade! From faded color to repatching, Mike’s Quality Painting has redone and repainted stucco on hundreds of homes and businesses throughout Rio Rancho, and in addition, has prevented further wear and tear by applying a protective, clear coat. No matter if you’re looking to freshen up your stucco’s color or give it an entirely new look, our team will work to make your vision a reality! Being that every job we do is completed to the highest standards, you can be confident that when you choose Mike’s Quality Painting, you’re choosing a team that puts quality first!

You deserve a team that will take the extra care needed to ensure your next job is picture perfect. Request your quote from the friendly team at Mike’s Quality Painting today!

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